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17 May - Results of Retriever Working Tests posted

05 May - Schedule & Entry Form for our Open Show on 22 Jul are available on Fosse Data

05 May - GDPR Privacy Policy posted

04 May - Schedule & Entry Form for AV Spaniel Working Tests posted

03 May - Details of Working Training posted

31 Mar - Resultsof Retriever Open Working Test posted

13 Mar - Schedule for Retriever Working Tests posted

27 Jan - Results of HPR Open Field Trial posted

14 Nov - Results of HPR All Aged FT posted


(Photograph is reproduced by kind permission of Nick Ridley Photographic 2006)

Hampshire Gundog Society was formed in 1944. It is one of a handful of gundog clubs in the UK whose activities cover both show and working events for all four sub groups of gundogs.

We hold two shows a year - details may be found in the Shows pages.

On the working side, we organise training sessions, working tests and field trials.

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If you wish to join HGS, a downloadable application form can be found on the membership page of this site (last tab).

Contact us by sending an e-mail to hampshiregundogs@aol.com

Our GDPR Privacy Policy may be found here

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