Hampshire Gundog Society

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2015 Committee

Hampshire Gundog Society Committee 2015

Hon. Vice Presidents: Mr. R. Cathcart M.R.C.V.S., Mr. R. Sills and Mrs. J. Waddington

  Chairman:Joy Venturi-Rose (01428 751125) - chairman@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk
  Hon. Secretary: Linda Wells - hampshiregundogs@aol.com
  Hon. Treasurer: Jane Jenner - treasurer@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk
  Hon. Field Trial Secretary (Retrievers): Paula Graystone - retftsec@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk

  Hon. Field Trial Secretary (Spaniels): Withheld - spanftsec@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk

  Hon. Field Trial Secretary (HPR): Fleur Fillingham - hgs.hprftsec@gmail.com

  Working Test Secretary:

  Vice Chairman: Gary Howes

  Acting Show Secretary: Sharron Enticknap - showsec@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk

  Membership Secretary: Sharron Enticknap - membership@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk

  Cup Secretary: Catherine Wells - cups@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk

  Training Co-ordinator: Carol Page - training@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk

  Show Manager and Chief Steward: Mandy Longhurst - showmanager@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk

  Ms. F. Barnes - web@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk
  Mrs. V. Bowen
Mr G Howes
  Mr S Jenner
  Mr. C. Rose
Miss C Wells
  Mrs J Whitworth

The Hampshire Gundog Society entry in the 2017 - 2018 Kennel Club Yearbook is incorrect. The Secretary of the Society is Mrs. L. Wells and NOT Mrs. S. Enticknap. Mrs Enticknap is the Acting Show Secretary of HGS.

 Please contact the Society with any questions or comments.