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2015 Committee

Hampshire Gundog Society Committee 2015

Hon. Vice Presidents: Mr. R. Cathcart M.R.C.V.S., Mr. R. Sills and Mrs. J. Waddington

  Chairman:Joy Venturi-Rose (01428 751125) - chairman@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk
  Hon. Secretary: Linda Wells - hampshiregundogs@aol.com
  Hon. Treasurer: Jane Jenner - treasurer@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk
  Hon. Field Trial Secretary (Retrievers): Paula Graystone - retftsec@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk

  Hon. Field Trial Secretary (Spaniels): Simon Blackman - spanftsec@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk

  Hon. Field Trial Secretary (HPR): Fleur Fillingham - hgs.hprftsec@gmail.com

  Working Test Secretary: Anne Strachan 

  Vice Chairman: TBC

  Acting Show Secretary: Sharron Enticknap - showsec@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk

  Membership Secretary: Sharron Enticknap - membership@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk

  Cup Secretary: Catherine Wells - cups@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk

  Training Co-ordinator: Carol Page - carolpage@micklemess.net

  Show Manager and Chief Steward: Mandy Longhurst - showmanager@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk

  Ms. F. Barnes - web@hampshiregundogsociety.co.uk
  Mrs. V. Bowen
Mr G Howes
  Mr S Jenner
  Mr. C. Rose
Miss C Wells
  Mrs J Whitworth

 Please contact the Society with any questions or comments.