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Field Trial Results 2009

Our grateful thanks go to the landowners, who have allowed us to use their grounds for Trials and Tests and to the kind people who have sponsored events.

Novice Trial - Saturday, 10th October 2009 held at Froyle
Judges: Mr G Roberts (1907), Mr J Barnes (2198), Mrs E Barnes & Mr M Dance
1st Hoffbank Mr Chips - Labrador D (Owner/Handler K Green)
2nd Turnerbrook Oak - Labrador B (Handler S Mills)
COM Frybourne Drew of Wadeshot - Labrador D (Owner/Handler R Wade)

Open Trial - Friday, 27th November 2009 held at Hamptworth
Judges:Mr R Tomlinson (1926), Mr B Taylor (1633), Mr P Castleman (1846), Mr C Pelham (2681)
1st Wendearose Hector of Riversway Labrador D (Owner/Handler G Roberts)
2nd Rimrock Golden Girl Labrador B (Owner/Handler S Hansell)
3rd Greyhill Rustler Labrador D (Owner/Handler D Horne)
4th Commando Scott of Craigfelin Labrador D (Owner/Handler R Tozer)
COM Highshot Flint Labrador D (Owner/Handler B Smith)
COM Roundcopse Bellis Labrador B (Owner/Handler J Tydeman)

Open Trial 05.10.09
Judges: Mr M Ford (2037) and Mr N Gregory (3007)
1st Rosebay Camille ESS B (Owner/Handler A Ladyman)
2nd  Nithvalley Haywire ESS B (Owner/Handler M Ashman)
3rd   Spamvalley Colt ESS D (Owner/Handler W Thomas)
4th  Rytex Rhino ESS D (Owner/Handler J Potter)
COM Talsbrook Shanti ESS B (Owner/Handler A Skinner)
COM Tylacoch Tilly ESS B (Handler/Owner J Ayres)
COM FtCh Woodingtons Lighting (Owner/Handler M Dance)

Novice Trial 06.10.09
Judges: Mr M Ford (2037) & Mr N Gregory (3007)
1st  Rosebay Eurika ESS B (Owner/Handler G Baldwin)
2nd   Botkin Kirk ESS D (Owner/Handler A Kandes)
3rd   Lawsawna Jumpin Jed ESS D (Breeder/Owner P Blakeley Handler J Blakeley)
4th   Maedrow Golden Plover of Countryways COCKER B (Owner/Handler D Templar)

Novice Trial 16.01.09
Judges: D Arrowsmith & C Snelling
2nd Spearmark Archernar GSP Handler - M Spearing
3rd   Szajani Komika HV Handler - R Major
4th   Ambermoss Ruby  GSP Handler - P Dark