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Results 2014

Results of Hampshire Gundog Society 12 dog AV Retriever Novice Stake - 21 Jan 2015

Held at Matterley Farm by kind invitation by John Boyle and his team of guns. Judged by Graham Roberts, Basil Smith, Ken Green and Henriette Goddard Fletcher.

1st place - Mike Rollinson's Lab dog Wheatash Answer Handled by Jo Rollinson.
2nd place - Tayfordwoods Rosebank of Annington Bay, Lab bitch handled by Mell Brooks.
COM - Golden Rustler, Lab dog, also awarded best looking dog in the awards, handled by Tim Pain.
COM - Tullysedge Matchmaker GRT dog, handled by Helen Burnie.

Big thank you to the judges and all the helpers that made the trial run smoothly.

Results of the HGS 12 dog AV Open Retriever Stake - 10 Nov 2014

Judge by Judy Rainey, Ron Jeffery, Graham Stanley and Dave England.
1st place and making his dog upto a FTCH Mark Bettinson with Cynhinfa Laban
2nd place Leigh Jackson with FTCH Ellijas Danny
3rd place Andrew Wright with Overthwarts Berwick
COMS to Jackie Simpson with Tayfordwoods Gingema with Troddenmills...
Colin Pelham with Vilendal Black Nile of Norlands
Frank Fritheridge with Hanrebor Blackberry
Leigh Jackson with Arkglas Thor
Retrieve of the day went to Colin Pelham
Guns choice went to Jamie Bettinson with Cynhinfa Ladislav

A big thank you to the judges, to Tim Lester and his team of guns and all our wonderful helpers, couldn't have done it without you all.

Results of the HGS Novice AV Retriever Stake - 25 Oct 2014 at Froyle Hampshire.
Judges Colin Pelham , Chris Marsall, Jim Christon & Wendy Glue.

1st - Ribblesdale Raider, Ricky Ross Moloney
2nd - Lockthorn Debonair, Katie Bainbridge
3rd - Levenghyl Dancing Teasel, Frank Wright
COM - Trunwills Apache Junction, Reuben Mort
A huge thank you to the judges and helpers after a difficult start to the day.


Results of the HGS Novice AA AV HPR Stake - 10 Dec 2014
Pearson and Anderson.
Stocks Farm.
CoMs were awarded to
Firefrost Enchantress (HWV Bitch) Miss H Drew
Cadanbyrig Evening Breeze (GLP Bitch) Mrs F C Smart
Guns Award Stairfoot Skye (GSP Bitch) Mr Steve Pudney

Water certificates had to be given for these awards.

Results of All Aged HPR Field Trial - 13 Dec 2014

4th - Trudvang Skuld at Shiverfield (GWP Bitch) - Mr P Burdess
Guns Award - Hunterstone Artemis (HV Bitch) - Mrs. S. Mattravers


Hampshire Gundogs First Open Cocker and Matterley Estate first season hosting spaniel trials.

The news came through in August that the Hampshire Gundog Society could hold an Open Cocker trail the problem now was finding ground at short notice. ‘Matterley’ to the rescue, a commercial shoot near Winchester owned by Mr Peveril Bruce with the best looking keepers in the business. Matt Silk head keeper and Tom Haynes under keeper. The shoot is used to running 300 bird days but new to spaniel trialling. The day started in cover crop all 16 dogs had their first run on the same ground. Dai Ormond with his bitch Rowston Stor took a long runner which did not reflect the excellent shooting from Martin Johnson and his team of guns. However the best runner was taken by the winner Jeremy Davies’ bitch Dolbrenin Geisa Girl. She took a line into the woods and we just waited for her to reappear which she did with hen pheasant in her mouth. We then worked through some green bramble which Rod Chapples’ little bitch made easy work of. We eventually worked up to the pen with some kind bracken for the little cockers to get underneath.
Finally Jeremy Organ and Lyn Randall asked to see the top two dogs again and following a short run-off Jeremy Davies’ bitch booked her ticket to the Championships.


1st Jeremy Davies Dolbrenin Geisa Girl
2nd James Starkey’s Iconic Cland Thunder Storm
3rd Howard Kirby ‘s Chyknell Eagle handler Carl Colclough
4th Gareth Davies Heolybwych Sandy
com Dai Ormond Rowston Stor,
com Andy Robinson Byrbwll Apache
com Rod Chappels’ Lowflyer Nougat of Cheweky
com Richard Preest Wonder of Wiltshire at Centrewalk

Open Cocker

Picture from Right to Left
Joey Clough, Jeremy Organ, Duane Hart, Mark Witham, Tom Haynes, Jeremy Davies, James Starkey, Carl Colclough, Gareth Davies, Angelo Lo Curto, Matt Silk, Martin Johnson and Lyn Randall