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Results 2018


Novice HPR trial held on 12 Dec at the Kennel Club ground Emblehope

1st Floh VD Wielervelden at Fechlindream handled by Jason Hudson

COM's to the following dogs
Sutchest Braun Gino handled by Jim Bird
Aytee Katerina handled by Lucie Hustler
Moonrunner Isla at Gilleyfield handled by Louise Holmes
Culdrein Annys handled by Ronnie Buchan
Quintana Qin Qiao handled by Maureen Nixon

Guns Award to Zoldmali Tarlo and Culdrein Annys

Thank you to the judges Steve and Coshy Kimberley, who commented on the excellent work produced by the dogs today. Also Raymond Holt the keeper and the guns who shot so well Tim Pressey, Ian Hayden and Bradley Dymond

HPR Open Field Trial held on 13 Dec at Mindrum

2nd Friarsbelle Marsh Mellow GSP handled by Bradley Dymond
3rd Stubblemere Gutherie GSP handled by Fleur Fillingham
4th FT CH Aytee Isadora GSP handled by Lucie Hustler

Hunterstone Rhea HV handled by Shirley Mattravers
Stubblemere Evanesco GSP handled by Mick Canham
Aytee Juniper GSP handled by Lucie Hustler

Thank you to the judges Steve Kimberley and Bill Muircroft , the guns Tim Pressey, Ian Hayden and Peter Howard. The steward Coshy Kimberley and red flag, picking up dog and keeper. Challenging day good company. Thank you to all those who supported the club

Great Windsor Park 12 dog open stake – 12.10.18 - By very kind permission of Her Majesty the Queen.

What a privilege to be offered these wonderful grounds for our Open Retriever Qualifying Stake. The fodder beat had been lifted the day before the trial and as a result we were provided with a short drive of Pheasant and Partridge which saw us through the first round then after a short break we walked the boundaries which in my opinion is what most shooting should be about, it demonstrates good steadiness from the dogs and memory marking ability for both dog and handler. We finished the trial with a Duck drive and was able to finish in the sunshine. The only draw-back was the cost, unless we could run it on a 16-dog novice or possibly all aged stake we will not be able to go back.

Judges – Phil Bruton, Lisa Harris, John Keeghan and Diane Stevens

1st - Steve Richardson – FTCH Birdsgreen Cluedo of Wedgnock
2nd - Terry Prentice – FTCH. Hitiwngree Diamond Joe of Findpoint
3rd - Clare Baker – The windbreaker Whisper of Arcklebear
COM - - Sally Ashby – Movenne Cogar at Tunnelwood
Guns Choice & Best Retrieve of the Day – Steve Richardson – as above

Foyle 12 dog novice stake – 03.11.18

It was nice to be back at Foyle again. This is a traditional driven shoot which we are invited to by the shoot Captain. This year we offered to pay their regular team of pickers-up which did increase the overall cost but ensured that we abided by the Shooting Code of Conduct and both the Shoot Captain and Keeper were glad that the picking up team were happy to wait for us and sweep through after each drive. There is a good chance we will get invited back once again and consideration should be given to increasing the stake to 14 dogs.

Judges: Nick Coates, Mike Jones, Jason Mayhew and Jon Stubbs

1st – Mell Brooks – Annington Maddi May
2nd –Joy Venturi-Rose – Leospring Tay
Guns Choice – Rueben Corbett – Horsham Roy

Great Windsor Park 12 dog open stake – 12.10.18 Cropped
Foyle 12 dog novice stake – 03.11.18 Cropped