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Puppy and Novice Retriever Test 11th May 2013

Judges Ron Sills Ron Taylor David Horne at Sussex Game Farm by Kind permission of Mr. George Crouch.

Puppy Test
1st Tullysedge my boy Troy Golden Ret. D 5/6/2011 Echobrook Fergusmhor of Ashmhorgold X Highsea Primrose H/O/ B Mrs Sue Jordan
2nd Glenmarian Mia of Oakvalley Lab 8/7/2011 Kaliture Spruce X Oakvalley Black Rose Breeder Marrianne Morris Worral
Handler Mary Jennings Owner Paul & Mary Jennings
3rd Woodruff Kingof Wellsummer Lab D 1/8/2011 Wellsummer Nipon X Geordieland Dixie of Woodruff Breeder Julie Elborough Handler Sarah Cole Owner Sarah Cole & Mike Sculthorpe
Certificates of Merit
Bellaroyal Lady Persephone Lab B 11/3/2012 Abney Acer X Henergy Sweet Cherry H/O/B Isobel Whitford
Millgreen Quartz Golden Retriever D 24/7/2012 Birdsgreen Shining Sydney of Tofts X Pepsanner at Millgreen Breeder Dave Barns Handler/Owner Jacqui Crew

Novice Test
1st Kestrelway Flint Lab D 9/1/2011 FTCh Waterford Fergus X Nobsquinton Indiana of Kestrelway Breeder Mrs S Onens H/O Jason Mayhew
2nd Lubbecke Royal Saphire Lab B 22/3/2011 Garronpoint Ross of Drakeshead D Swinbrook Jewell Handler Owner Breeder Gillian Yates
3rd Bedgebook Scrumptious Lab B 3/3/2011 FTCh Eastdale Harry D Bedgebrook Mole B Mrs G Nickols Handler/Owner Louie Adshead
Certificates of Merit
Firsbridge Beech Lab B 12/4/2009 Oakvalley Black Sabath X Derings Choice at Firsbridge Handler/Owner/Breeder B.J. Helyar
Waterford Haven Lab D 8/32013 FTCh Greenbriar Gettysburg X FTCh Waterford Easter Breeder Mrs Jane Coley H/O Sue Cole

Water Tests held at Northington on 6th July 2013

Special Puppy Test
Judge Mr. H Perkins
1st Endacott Todd for Lovehayne Richard Edwards Lab D 8_Mar_12 O Richard Edwards B Mrs AP Courtier
FTCh Braidenvale Speiran of Quabrook X Endacott Plover
2nd Casblaidd Quill Hogan Jacqui Crew FCR D 3_Jun_12 O Jacqui Crew B Jo Hewison
Rhinefield's Happy as Larry X Casblaidd Nutka
3rd Loisaba Rhearn June Bearman Lab B 13_May_12 O June Bearman B M Moran
Whitesmiths Widgeon X Levenghyl Silver Cloud of Drakeshead
4th Dobwalls Di Canio Duke Collette Urquhart Lab D 27_Oct_11 O Collette Urquhart B Mrs A Lamerton
S Dantoms Master Jack D Stelmaris Angel
Novice Test
Judges Mr. J. Barnes and Mrs. E. Barnes
1st Tumulus Timothy Charlotte Godfrey Lab D 14_May_09 O Charlotte Godfrey B Mr NP Ralph
FTCh Bedgebrook Excalibur X Phoebe of Fittleworth
2nd Kirbyhall Daphne Hilly Hoar Lab B 27_Jun_08 O Hilly Hoar B Hilly Hoar
Itchin to go via Deerbridge X Wrenny Jen from Kirbyhall
3rd Kirbyhall Meadow Pipit Hilly Hoar Lab B 14_Jul_10 O Hilly Hoar B Hilly Hoar
Newshot Ember at Bradshot X Kirbyhall Wagtail
4th Holway Pippa of Tarinomagh Toni Sanders GR B 17_Jan_11 O Toni Sanders B Mrs J.R. Atkinson
Holway Victor D FTCh X Merryway Purdey of Holway
Certificates of Merit
Hurstmeon Wild Bill Hicock at Leospring Chris Rose Lab D 27_Aug_10 O Joy Venturi-Rose B Mr & Mrs Longhurst
Sh Ch Naiken Way out West X Hurstmeon Marianna
Ticefield Diamond Ken Green Lab D 14_May_09 O Ken Green B Keith Broomfield
FTCh Mavericks Goose X Ticefield Holly

Open Tests Judges Mr. J Barnes Mrs. E. Barnes
1st Kestrelway Flint Jason Mayhew Lab D 9 Jan 2011 O Jason Mayhew B Mrs S Onens
FTCH Waterford Fergus X Nobsquinton Indiana of Kestrelway
2nd Echobrook Dexster Jacqui Crew GR D 19_Aug_09 O Jacqui Crew B Ron Taylor
Birdsgreen Stormbreak over Milgreen X Shotwood Lettie
3rd Holway Phantom of Tarinomagh Toni Sanders GR B 8_Mar_05 O Toni Sanders B Mrs J.R. Atkinson
Lowly Nabucco X Holway Reema
Certificates of Merit
Lord Rye of Knowle for Lovehayne Richard Edwards Lab D 27th Sept 2010 O Richard Edwards B Mr IG Lawrence
FtCh Mediterian Blue X Horningsham Cleo
Opataz Cinders Folly Rosemary Sadler Lab B 15_Feb_09 O Rosemary Sadler B Tracy Kavanagh
FtCh Bedgebrook Excalibur X Opataz Gracie

P & N Water 2013