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Hampshire Gundog Society

Spaniel FT Sec

Dear Members,

Our Spaniel Field Trial Secretary Simon Blackman has stepped down from the position so we are looking for a new Spaniel Field Trial Secretary.

Simon has done a wonderful job in organising the trials and has run some very successful days and he is happy to help his successor take over the role.

As a society we have discussed that in order to make this job easier on the administration front that we should try to take as many entries as possible online so that it is easier to produce the running card and to embrace modern technology such as online/automatic banking techniques to avoid cheques etc needing to be posted or trying to deposit them into the decreasing number of bank branches.

If you have the skills to help in any capacity whether it be primarily as an an administrator for the trials or to help organisation on the ground please can you contact the Chairman to discuss how you can help enable our spaniel field trials to continue to be so successful.

Joy Venturi Rose joyventuri.rose@btinternet.com 01428 751125