Results – AV Spaniel Novice Trial – 12 Nov 2011


The trial was held at Herriard Estate by kind permission of Mr Graham Wood. This estate offers great spaniel country, the trial took place in woodlands with braken and bramble. The November moon had brought in quite a few woodcock, and it was the woodcock that gave some of the novice dogs a difficult time on their retrieves. We also had some game running on, so the dogs had to really be in control, in order not to run-in. It was too high a temptation for 4 dogs. There were no run-offs both judges were happy that they had all the placing sorted by 1.30pm.

My thanks also go to our four guns; Mr Martin Johnson and his guest Dwain, Mr Peter Lee and Mr Mike Maynard.

Steward of the beat was Mr Mike Maynard and special thanks to Shaun and David for staying on ‘STOP’ all day.


1st Gamekeeper Meg of Centrewalk Owned and Handled by Mr Richard Preest
2nd Beanhill Mississippi Owned and Handles by Mr Tom Sheppard
3rd Edwardiana Jazz Owned and Handles by Mr Bob Fryer
COM Swanway Sidney Owned and Handles by Mrs Linda Levett

Judges were Mr Ian Flint and Mr Simon Jones