Results – Cocker Novice Trial – 6 Oct 2012

Held at Hamptworth

Judges – Mr P Jones, Mr S Wills

After twelve hours of torrential rain the sun eventually made an appearance at Hamptworth for Hampshire’s first Novice Cocker Stake. The card had the usual sprinkling of experience handlers but also 5 handles competing in their first season. The judges were Peter Jones and ‘Spikey’ Wills. These two men have been breeding, training and winning with cockers for best part of 30 years and knew exactly what they wanted to see in the winning cocker, and hopefully they were not disappointed.

The day started with John Dunn’s young bitch flushing a pheasant that was eventually shoot 30 yards away on the opposite side. Rhossili Holly made a great retrieve resulting in an award. The sun on the bracken bank sadly was just too hot some the cockers and we saw 3 running in. Eventually Bishwell Abbie of Dolbrenin settled things down with a very nice neat run for Jeremy Davies.

Eventually we had the first look at our winner Surefly Midge run by Steve Wansdell. She was fast and looked as if she was capable of pulling the bracken out by the roots.
Nunney Blodwyn handled by Justine Kinsley, took a nice line on a tricky runner that doubled back, almost into the gallery. Maural Jack the Lad handles by Ty Davies had a long and challenging retrieve, made harder by the fact that the whole of the gallery could see the action. However trialling is all about producing two clean runs and so many had a great first run but came a cropper on the second.

1st Steve Wansdell Surefly Midge
2nd Jeremy Davies Bishwell Abby of Dolbrenin
3rd Anita Jones Episcopi Wisp
4th Graham West Dolbrenin Duffy of Leeglen
CoM John Dunn Rhosilli Holly
CoM Ty Davies Maural Jack the Lad