Results – Spring A/V Retriever tests – 13 May 2017

Held at Sussex Game Farm Near Petworth
By kind permission of George Crouch Esquire and kind sponsorship by Skinners.
Judges – John Boyle. Mike Fleming and Sue Jordan


1st Jacqui Crew with Hanans Kertis – 16 month GR Dog losing only 1 point
2nd Reuben Corbett with Broadraven Davidoff – 14 month Lab Dog
3rd Keith Broomfield with Foxglove Of Super Sid – 23 month Lab Dog
4th place Mel Brookes with Annington Maddi Maddi May – 10 month Lab Bitch
COMs awarded to
Keith Townsend with Elmertown If I May – 10 month Lab Bitch
Chrissie Walton with Opal Grey Ivy at Twistmount – 17 month Lab Bitch
Peter Leydon with Ticefield Nightjar – 23 months Lab Bitch

Novice Dog/Novice Handler
1st (after run off) Helen Sanderson with Welcheston Meadow Red – Lab dog
2nd Wendy Brown with Kenquince Time for Twister – Lab Bitch
3rd Louise Cunningham with Kirby Star – Lab Bitch
4th Helen Sanderson with Albertasno Hurrican Reef – Lab Dog

1st (after run off) Gay Marshall with Mitforton O’Lordie Lordy – Lab Dog
2nd Helen Thornton with Braceway Tennassee – Lab Bitch
3rd Mel Brooks with Ticefield Redwing of Anningtonbay – Lab Dog
COMs awarded to
Chrissie Walton with Twistmount Purdie
Angie Townsend with Kinagar Dolly of Elmertown
Fiona Huntingford with Charming Siskin
Eileen Ayling with Meadowmill Drop and Knock

Big Thank-Yous to the landowner, the judges, the dummy throwers and other helpers and of course the competitors. Hope you all enjoyed your day