Spring 2018 Open Show Cancelled

The Hampshire Gundog Society was very disappointed that we had to cancel our open show on 17th March 2018 because of snow. Thank you for the understanding shown by exhibitors and their acknowledgement that on Health and Safety grounds we really had no choice. We also had to postpone our AGM for 3 weeks due to the same problem. This caused at lot of extra work for the committee and officers and I must thank them for undertaking this.

It was not felt feasible to reschedule the show as there are so many people involved with this type of show, such as numerous judges and stewards. Also, booking an alternative date and coordinating a venue that would also avoid other major shows and events would not have been possible. Therefore, the Treasurer , Show Secretary and Committee have been working hard to work out the unavoidable expenses from the cancelled show in order to try and reimburse exhibitors in some way.

Unfortunately, the venue will not give us a discount on the cost of £800 and the printing had all been carried out and has to be paid for. We have managed to freeze some of the food in readiness for our next show. We also used some not able to be frozen for this amount of time at a working test the following week. The remaining perishable food was donated to a homeless people’s charity. We will be transferring some items such as rosettes to our next show. We are nearing the end of this work and then the committee will decide what reimbursements we might be able to offer exhibitors and how this may be carried out. We want to arrange this in the most cost effective way as sending people cheques would add even more expense to the cancelled show.

If anyone would like to discuss this with me please contact me direct on 01428 751125 (please leave your number on the answer phone if I am out) or email me on joyventuri.rose@btinternet.com. We will keep you informed . We are also looking at ways to reduce the impact weather can have on our shows for the future. Joy Venturi Rose Chairman.