Results – Mainly Water Working Tests – 12 May 2018

by kind permission of Mr G Crouch at Sussex Game Farm

Special Pupppy
1st John Boyle Drakeshead Clint
2nd Moira Robertson Cynhinfa Ria Of Downfarm
3rd Lee Sutton Dandyamber Flap Jack
4th Brian West Drakeshead Chad

Novice Dog Novice Handler
1st Belinda Welbourn Wylanbriar Hideaway
2nd Maxine Burchett Hawthylands Topsy Turvey
3rd Kieran Green Top Noch Ken
4th Linda Saunders Rossclyde Gamekeeper

Certificate of Merit
Alastair Sealy McVean Black Tern

1st Tracey Gower Goldrobber Warrior
2nd Janice Miller Millerise Jemima
3rd Chrisie Waltons Twistmount Purdey
4th Vincent Mahon Tanglefield Olivia

Certificates of Merit
Sarah Burnell Rotherburn Calypso
Moira Robertson Laurinco Tiger Lily Of Downfarm
Maggie Baker Red Grouse Of Thatched House

Open Test
1st Mike Fleming Mitforton Nutmeg
2nd Diana Paterson Mitforton Nimrod
3rd A Townsend’s Kinagar Dolly of Elmertown

Certificates of Merit
Janice Miller Studebaker Allegro Of Millerise
Diana Paterson Woodlandway Grouse