Results – HPR Working Test – 9 Sep 2018

Results from the GSP Surrey & Hants Branch & Hampshire Gundog Society GWT

1st Yockletts Solstice GSP Rita Dockwray
2nd Lilli Maja HWV Rachel Hiscox
3rd Moorrunner Isla at Gilleyfield GWP Louise Holmes
4th Forest Storm Fox GSP James Buckingham

1st J’Cece du Parados des Edeleweiss BdV Katie Mason
2nd Finn of Time GSP Patrick Head
3rd Morehay Fane HWV Colin Hailstone
4th Nawtontower Seren HV Keith Dimon

1st Kenine Derring Do at Ynyslas GWP Ian Jones
2nd Ynnyslas Bella Bee GWP Ian Jones
3rd Chontelle Summer Breeze at Withamfriary LM Andrew Farley
4th Warrendown Genesis GSP Andrew Farley