Results – AV Retriever Novice stake – 03 Nov 2018

It was nice to be back at Foyle again. This is a traditional driven shoot which we are invited to by the shoot Captain. This year we offered to pay their regular team of pickers-up which did increase the overall cost but ensured that we abided by the Shooting Code of Conduct and both the Shoot Captain and Keeper were glad that the picking up team were happy to wait for us and sweep through after each drive. There is a good chance we will get invited back once again and consideration should be given to increasing the stake to 14 dogs.

Judges: Nick Coates, Mike Jones, Jason Mayhew and Jon Stubbs

1st – Mell Brooks – Annington Maddi May
2nd –Joy Venturi-Rose – Leospring Tay
Guns Choice – Rueben Corbett – Horsham Roy