Results – HPR Novice Trial – 12 Dec 2018

at the Kennel Club ground, Emblehope

1st Floh VD Wielervelden at Fechlindream handled by Jason Hudson

COM’s to the following dogs

  • Sutchest Braun Gino handled by Jim Bird
  • Aytee Katerina handled by Lucie Hustler
  • Moonrunner Isla at Gilleyfield handled by Louise Holmes
  • Culdrein Annys handled by Ronnie Buchan
  • Quintana Qin Qiao handled by Maureen Nixon
  • Guns Award to Zoldmali Tarlo and Culdrein Annys

Thank you to the judges Steve and Coshy Kimberley, who commented on the excellent work produced by the dogs today. Also Raymond Holt the keeper and the guns who shot so well Tim Pressey, Ian Hayden and Bradley Dymond