Results – HPR Working Test – 8 Sep 2019

Results from the GSP Surrey & Hants & Hampshire Gundog Society GWT held at Laverstoke Park.

Thank you for all the support, from the handlers, judges, dummy throwers, stewards, helpers and little people.
Looking forward to seeing you all next year

1st Annivellen v Rebelia for Rebelritsi HV Hannah Spearman
2nd Artlan Beligira at Helwyrcwm GSP Simon Kirby
3rd Maplehaze Lasanta at Huwlindragon GWP Huw Kirby
4th Aytee Maverick GSP Grant Silvester

1st Indijazz Beautiful GSP Phill Parker
2nd Fassfields Silver Lining HWV Heather Grey
3rd Harrigoss Summer Sun Beam HWV Claire Jones
4th Leo Degrance Delivery GSP Brian Wallis

1st Chontelle Summer Breeze at Withamfriary LM Andrew Farley
2nd Kenine Derrino Do GWP Ian Jones
3rd Bareve Buffelsburg GWP James Ayling
4th Madreliath Escavature BI Michelle Ansell