Results – Open HPR Stake – 8 Jan 2020

HPR Open Field Trial at Nutley Estate, Basingstoke, Hampshire  8th January 2020 by kind permission of Mr and Mrs H Dyer Judges Mrs Annie Jones A panel Mr Mark Spearing A panel 1st place and guns award Tickencote One Way Ticket GWP handler Miss Una Russell Certificates of Merits Aytee Juniper GSP handler Mrs LucieContinue reading “Results – Open HPR Stake – 8 Jan 2020”

Results – HPR Open Field Trial – 13 Dec 2018

at Mindrum 2nd Friarsbelle Marsh Mellow GSP handled by Bradley Dymond3rd Stubblemere Gutherie GSP handled by Fleur Fillingham4th FT CH Aytee Isadora GSP handled by Lucie Hustler COMsHunterstone Rhea HV handled by Shirley MattraversStubblemere Evanesco GSP handled by Mick CanhamAytee Juniper GSP handled by Lucie Hustler Thank you to the judges Steve Kimberley and BillContinue reading “Results – HPR Open Field Trial – 13 Dec 2018”

Results – HPR Novice Trial – 12 Dec 2018

at the Kennel Club ground, Emblehope 1st Floh VD Wielervelden at Fechlindream handled by Jason Hudson COM’s to the following dogs Sutchest Braun Gino handled by Jim Bird Aytee Katerina handled by Lucie Hustler Moonrunner Isla at Gilleyfield handled by Louise Holmes Culdrein Annys handled by Ronnie Buchan Quintana Qin Qiao handled by Maureen NixonContinue reading “Results – HPR Novice Trial – 12 Dec 2018”

Results – HPR Open Trial – 27 Jan 2018

At Whippenham Isle of Wight 2nd Tickencote a Night Like This GWP Peter Howard3rd Bonario Chatelaine BI Alan Parr4th Hunterstone Uno HV Mac Mattravers & Guns AwardCOM Questor Karson of Caldera GLP Stephen Kimberley Thank you to the judges Theo and Rob Gould, the hosts, guns and steward, Louise Holmes and the Red flag AmandaContinue reading “Results – HPR Open Trial – 27 Jan 2018”

Results – HPR All Aged Trial – 13 Nov 2017

At Ammerdown, Radstock, Bath 3rd Place to Miss Hazel Drew and Firefrost Huntress HWVGuns award to Sports Glory Bill Pearson GWP Thank you to the judges, Lee Loveridge and Ray Davies, Jon Roberts and his team of guns, the red flag ladies Hayley and Claire, also the handlers and their dogs for supporting Hampshire GundogContinue reading “Results – HPR All Aged Trial – 13 Nov 2017”

Results – HPR Open Trial – 2016

Open Field Trial at Calbourne Isle of Wight. Thank you to the judges Steve Kimberley and Mark Spearing, guns and competitors for their support and Tim Pressey my island right hand man. Congratulations to the award winners1st place Silvershot’s Semper Fi for Kasmegs Wei Mike Ede,2nd place Friarsbelle Marsh Mellow GSP Bradley Dymond3rd place JaudasContinue reading “Results – HPR Open Trial – 2016”