Results – Retriever Novice Stake – 21 Jan 2015

Held at Matterley Farm by kind invitation by John Boyle and his team of guns. Judged by Graham Roberts, Basil Smith, Ken Green and Henriette Goddard Fletcher. 1st place – Mike Rollinson’s Lab dog Wheatash Answer Handled by Jo Rollinson.2nd place – Tayfordwoods Rosebank of Annington Bay, Lab bitch handled by Mell Brooks.COM – GoldenContinue reading “Results – Retriever Novice Stake – 21 Jan 2015”

Results – Retriever Open Trial – 10 Nov 2014

Judged by Judy Rainey, Ron Jeffery, Graham Stanley and Dave England. 1st place and making his dog upto a FTCH Mark Bettinson with Cynhinfa Laban2nd place Leigh Jackson with FTCH Ellijas Danny3rd place Andrew Wright with Overthwarts Berwick COMS to Jackie Simpson with Tayfordwoods Gingema with Troddenmills…Colin Pelham with Vilendal Black Nile of NorlandsFrank FritheridgeContinue reading “Results – Retriever Open Trial – 10 Nov 2014”

Results – Open Retriever Working Test – 2014

Held at Hoyle Wood Near Midhurst by Kind permission W, Godman-Dorington Ewq and Mr. J Kewel The judges were Joy Venturi Rose Liz Barnes and Mike Rollinson 1st and the Highthorn TrophyMrs Susan Wood’s Labrador Longcopse Ripple Branksholme Bailey of High Dunscotte X Leadburn Val of Lon of Longcopse Breeder Mr. M Brown2nd Helen Thornton’sContinue reading “Results – Open Retriever Working Test – 2014”

Results – Retriever Novice Trial – 26 Oct 2013

Held at Froyle by kind permission of Bruce Powell and syndicate Judges Ron Jeffery David England Ken Green Henriette Goddard-Fletcher 1st Trayfordwoods Gingera Labrador B. Jackie Simpson Breeder I Ford Handler/Owner2nd Willowcreek Swift Labrador D. Ft Ch Brackenbird Minnow X Underwau Bracken of Willowrise Breeder/Handler/Owner Karen Lester3rd Tippsey Girl of Meonvalley Labrador B. Ft ChContinue reading “Results – Retriever Novice Trial – 26 Oct 2013”

Results – Retriever Water Tests – 6 Jul 2013

Held at Northington Special Puppy TestJudge Mr H Perkins 1st Endacott Todd for Lovehayne Richard Edwards Lab D 8_Mar_12 O Richard Edwards B Mrs AP CourtierFTCh Braidenvale Speiran of Quabrook X Endacott Plover2nd Casblaidd Quill Hogan Jacqui Crew FCR D 3_Jun_12 O Jacqui Crew B Jo HewisonRhinefield’s Happy as Larry X Casblaidd Nutka3rd Loisaba RhearnContinue reading “Results – Retriever Water Tests – 6 Jul 2013”

Results – Retriever Puppy and Novice Working Tests – 11 May 2013

At Sussex Game Farm by kind permission of Mr George Crouch. Judges Ron Sills, Ron Taylor, David Horne Puppy Test1st Tullysedge my boy Troy Golden Ret. D 5/6/2011 Echobrook Fergusmhor of Ashmhorgold X Highsea Primrose H/O/ B Mrs Sue Jordan2nd Glenmarian Mia of Oakvalley Lab 8/7/2011 Kaliture Spruce X Oakvalley Black Rose Breeder Marrianne MorrisContinue reading “Results – Retriever Puppy and Novice Working Tests – 11 May 2013”

Results – Retriever Open Working Tests – 2 Mar 2013

At Hoyle Wood, Heyshott, MidhurstJudges Paul Jennings Robert Worrall Chris Rose 1st Mr D Higgs’s Levenghyll Cyyber Star of Higgscroft Lab D. (Ft Ch Greyhill Rustler X Pridelanes Kelly2nd Mr J. Boyle’s Countryways Nightshade Lab D (Ft Ch Tasco Alexander Beetle X Carolhill Quest of Countryways)3rd Nikki Stranks’s Lab B Woodlandway Skylark (Oakvalley Blackjack XContinue reading “Results – Retriever Open Working Tests – 2 Mar 2013”

Results – AV Retriever Novice Trial – 24 Jan 2013

Held at Matterley Judges Mr. C. Pelham, Mr. L. Herbert, Mr. M. Brown, Mrs. S Mills 1st Mr. Keith Wright’s Labrador Ffynongain (Ringstead Crusader of Cricketshill X Greenbriar Miden)2nd Mr. Rory Major’s Labrador Vilendal Braemar Trane at Bryantscroft (Ft Ch Brindlebay Jude X Brindlebay Heidi of VilendalCertificate of Merit Mr. Dan Higgs’s Levenghyl Cyber StarContinue reading “Results – AV Retriever Novice Trial – 24 Jan 2013”