Results – Spaniels Open Trial – 5 Oct 2009

Judges: Mr M Ford (2037) and Mr N Gregory (3007) 1st Rosebay Camille ESS B (Owner/Handler A Ladyman)2nd  Nithvalley Haywire ESS B (Owner/Handler M Ashman)3rd   Spamvalley Colt ESS D (Owner/Handler W Thomas)4th  Rytex Rhino ESS D (Owner/Handler J Potter)COM Talsbrook Shanti ESS B (Owner/Handler A Skinner)COM Tylacoch Tilly ESS B (Handler/Owner J Ayres)COM FtCh Woodingtons Lighting (Owner/HandlerContinue reading “Results – Spaniels Open Trial – 5 Oct 2009”

Results – AV Spaniel Novice and Open Working Tests – 4 Jul 2009

(Excluding Irish Water Spaniels) Judges: Mr Mike Leflay (2662) and Mr Derek Dean (588) Novice 1st Page’s Raycroft Dill At Micklemess Cocker 2nd Levett’s Woodington Velvet ESS 3rd Maskell’s Mervalyn Mary ESS 4th Lyon’s Ancastle Accord ESS COM Bartlett’s Danegrove Spats Cocker Open 1st Levett’s Swanway Sidney ESS 2nd Not Awarded 3rd White’s Fiergen SilverContinue reading “Results – AV Spaniel Novice and Open Working Tests – 4 Jul 2009”